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3 Ways To Cleanse and Restore Your Mala

3 Ways To Cleanse and Restore Your Mala

Cleansing your Mala is said to remove accumulated energy and restore its spiritual properties. Over time, your Mala absorbs energies from your surroundings and experiences. Regular cleansing ensures that your Mala remains pure, charged, and aligned with your intentions.


Here are 3 ways to restore your Mala's energy:

SUNSHINE + MOONLIGHT: Periodically leave your mala beads in direct sunshine or moonlight to energize and cleanse any stagnant energy.

SAGE OR PALO SANTO: Burn a white sage or palo santo stick near your mala so that the beads and stones absorb the smoke.

SOUND VIBRATIONS: Chant a mantra near your mala or use a device such as Tibetan singing bowl or tingsha bells to create a purifying sound vibration.


Treat your mala with love & intention.


Cleansing with palo santo

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