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Custom Sun, Moon and Rising Natal Chart Mala

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These one-of-a-kind Malas are crafted to embody the essence of your unique astrological profile and are a personal reflection of your cosmic identity. 

Provide your birth date, birth time, and birth location below to receive you natal chart: a snapshot of the sky at the time and place of your birth. 

When choosing the gemstones for your Mala, Lynnea considers not only your personalized natal chart, but also your astrology signs, elemental influences, the quality of the signs, chakra associations, and her intuitive connection with the gemstones.

*Due to the custom nature of this Mala, it will typically ship within 3-4 weeks after your order is placed* 

Included in the Mala & Natal Chart Set:

  • Personalized natal chart pulled from Astrology software AstroGold
  • Hand tied Mala: 108 bead Mala Necklace based upon your Sun, Moon & Rising signs
  • Intention setting prompts
  • Gemstone descriptions
  • Your birth chart with brief breakdown sun, moon & rising
  • Laminated information packet: Welcome to your Natal Chart

Disclaimer: Your Privacy Matters

Rest assured, the information you provide for crafting your unique Mala is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. We understand the personal nature of this process and want you to feel secure in sharing your details with us. Your data will be used exclusively for the purpose of creating a personalized and meaningful piece of jewelry for you.

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