About DarcMoon

Hello! My name is Lynnea, I am the founder & creative behind DarcMoon. The journey of DarcMoon began after graduating college where I studied Apparel Merchandising & Business Marketing. I took a journey, backpacking around Europe & Asia.

Along my adventures; mala beads & an incredible teacher found me.

First, I fell in love with the care & craftsmanship that goes into the construction of each mala. But what had me hooked was the relationships I could create with people through something I created with my hands.

DarcMoon is my creative outlet & mala making gives me unlimited possibilities. It also gives me entrepreneurial freedom, allowing me to create anywhere.

The purpose behind of DarcMoon beyond jewelry. It is to run a sustainable company, create lasting relationships & leave a mark on my community.

Thank you for supporting this little business of mine, my dog Roam & me.

xo, Lynnea - DarcMoon

Read DarcMoon’s interview by Shelby Moller at Flora Fauna:


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