About DarcMoon

The journey of DarcMoon began after traveling around Europe and Asia. Along my adventures, mala beads and a wonderful teacher found me, as malas have a special way of doing. First, I fell in love with the care and craftsmanship that goes into the construction of mala. But what had me hooked was the mindfulness and intention that mala beads evoke. I

Every piece of jewelry which has been produced by DarcMoon is one-of-a-kind never recreated piece unless requested. Through DarcMoon I have connected with so many customers who have shared incredible stories and they fuel my purpose for creating DarcMoon. I can create jewelry from anywhere, which is what I have strived for, and the freedom of that keeps me creative. Mala’s have given me a tool to spread peace and intention in today’s generation

The purpose of DarcMoon beyond jewelry is to run a sustainable company, give back to my community and provide inspiration that a dream and hard work can become reality.  DarcMoon is designed, crafted and ran by a single woman, Lynnea.

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